Froggwell Gardens is home to the Froggwell Biennale and it’s tongue-in-cheek little sibling, Forgeries @ Froggwell. The Biennale takes place on even # years and Forgeries @ Froggwell takes place on odd # years.

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

The garden is located on Whidbey Island and has been home to numerous garden tours, the subject of books and magazine articles, and since 2004, is home to a very special art exhibition series.

Froggwell Gardens is located just south of Freeland WA, a short distance off of HWY 525.  To reach the garden, take HWY 525 northbound from the Mukilteo-Clinton Ferry, about 10 miles.  Turn right onto Double Bluff Road. 5508 Double Bluff Road is the third driveway on your left. Park as directed in the upper lot.  There is a very small parking lot at the bottom of the drive for pick up and drop off of passengers who cannot walk up and down the hill.

If you have questions or comments about Froggwell Gardens or want more information about the show, please add your comment in the form below:


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  1. thom gunn says:

    i love to visit on line and in garden. This is so great

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