Artists are in Action, Forgeries Forthcoming

The Forgeries at Froggwell show is rapidly approaching!

I’ll have some early entries to the show in the coming weeks, but first, two of the regular Froggwell artists have gallery shows this month.

This Saturday, painter Anne Belov opens a show of new work at The Fountainhead Gallery on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill; 625 W McGraw Street.

How the Light Gets In and other paintings

The show will continue through July 29th.

Show runs through July 29, with live painting demo on July 15th.

Some of the paintings were inspired by trips to England and Holland, but all are united by the theme of light, and how it falls on objects.

A Walk in Cornwall; Egg tempera and oil on panel; Anne Belov

Don’t Wake the Fish; oil on linen; Anne Belov

I hope to see you at the opening on Saturday, July 8th from 5 to 7 PM!

And back on Whidbey Island…

Rebecca Collins is exhibiting paintings she made from images observed on her trip to Alaska by boat last summer. Rebecca has taken a leap in the scale and complexities of her paintings and you can almost smell the slat air and feel the salt water spray on your face as you view these paintings.

Totem Bay; Rebecca Collins; oil pastel on panel

Rebecca Collins_Rocks Water Sand_Oil Pastel

Big Rock; Rebecca Collins; oil pastel on panel

Rebecca’s paintings will be on view at The Rob Schouten Gallery through July 31st, 2017

We hope to see you at one of these shows!
Stay tuned for news of Forgeries@Froggwell!

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But wait! There’s more!

There are two more events coming up at Froggwell this summer. The first happens at the end of this week. The Whidbey Island Garden Tour, which encompasses 5 gardens, comes to Froggwell on Saturday, June 17th 2017. This is a ticketed event, so check out the website to find out where you can buy tickets.

In the way of gardens, it will most likely look almost completely different than it did 2 weeks ago.

Don’t look for rhododendrons. They’ll be gone!

Later in the summer, the biannual Forgeries at Froggwell will be held on August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2017.  Stay tuned for some previews of work in the show. I’ll be bringing them to the blog through the summer.

But wait…there is even more in store!

Yours truly, keeper of the blog and originator of the Froggwell Biennale, will be having a painting show at The Fountainhead Gallery on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. The show opens on Saturday July 8th 2017 with a reception from 5-7PM on the 8th. (It will be open to view earlier than that, but due to the holiday weekend, the reception isn’t until the 8th.

How the Light Gets in; Oil on Linen; Anne Belov

There will also be an afternoon painting demonstration on Saturday, July 15th. Information on times will be available on the Fountainhead website, as well as here, as soon as I know when that is. I hope you can be there, if you are in the area.

And if that isn’t enough….

I have a Kickstarter campaign running right now, to raise money to travel to China. This trip, in part is to fuel my obsession with pandas, but it also will be a big opportunity for me to gather new images and inspiration for a new group of paintings. More on this in another post, but if you want to check out the campaign, check it out here. It runs through 5 PM PDT on Friday June 23rd.


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The Froggwell Cultural Institute presents…

I just got word that there will be a special treat at the Froggwell Fresh landscapes show on Friday afternoon, May 26th 2017…

Alicia Elliott also writes music and plays in a band called “The Secrets” and will be playing with David Licastro, a well known musician and teacher at WIMI, also in the band, from 2:30-4pm on Friday. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have the right file type to post a sample here, but I can assure you that if you plan to come to the garden on Friday afternoon, you definitely will not be disappointed.

Meanwhile, it is exhibition eve, and here are some photos of the show before it opens. Sorry about the quality of the photos. It does not do the art justice. I will try to get some photos during the weekend and post them here.

Two paintings by Alicia Elliott

On the left by Alicia Elliott, and on the right by Teresa Saia

That’s a lot of art in one corner! Large painting by Rebecca Collins. You better come see it, It’s spectacular in person!

Hope to see you tomorrow at Froggwell!

Froggwell Garden is located at 5508 Double Bluff Road, in Freeland WA, on Whidbey Island.


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For the Freshest Landscapes…

…you can’t do any better than to visit Froggwell Garden this weekend!

Fresh Landscapes on Memorial Day Weekend

Teresa Saia /Evenings Waning Light/Pastel

Spend an hour touring the beautiful private home and landscaping of Froggwell Gardens and an exhibition of new landscape paintings by three local artists: Teresa Saia, Rebecca Collins and Alicia Elliott.


Teresa Saia’s work encompasses the mediums of oil, pastel and watercolor. Known for a fluid, direct style, she captures the attention of many collectors with her expressive use of radiant and rich color. Her paintings explore the worlds she has discovered in her many travels abroad each year, as well as the beauty she finds in the pacific northwest and her home on Whidbey Island.

Teresa Saia/ Lagoon By Moonlight /Pastel

Rebecca Collins is showing new paintings inspired by five months of sailing through British Columbia and Alaska in 2016. Inspired by endless sky and sea, mountains carved by ancient glaciers, these new works will take you along the journey.

Rebecca Collins_Rocks Water Sand_Oil Pastel

Alicia Elliott has created a new series based on her passion surrounding trees in the landscape, mostly from her local environment on Whidbey Island. Her work is primarily in oil and impressionistic in style and continually strives to bring to her surface the emotion that inspires her.

Alicia Elliott_Seminar_Oil

Froggwell Gardens is located at 5508 Double Bluff Road, Freeland. The exhibition is open 10am – 5pm, May 26, 27, 28 and 29. Call Rebecca at 360-331-2306 for additional information.

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Fresh Landscapes are Almost Here!

The Fresh Landscapes at Froggwell Show is less than a week away! If you are on Whidbey Island or close enough to make a day trip, you owe it to yourself to visit Frogggwell Garden next weekend.

Mother Tree by Alicia Elliot

Anthropeda 16X20 Oil on panel Alicia Elliot

Her Majesty Of Coles Rd
Alicia Elliot


Alicia has been inspired to focus on trees in this new series, their human-like forms presented in Nature and saved as impressions in oil paint. In the planning stages, she came across these words in the poem “Initiation” by Rainer Maria Rilke:

“Lift thine eyes slowly to the great dark tree
That stands against heaven, solitary, tall,
And thou hast visioned Life, its meanings rise
Like words that in the silence clearer grow…”


Later this week we’ll share some painting by Teresa Saia and another painting by Rebecca Collins.

The Fresh landscapes show runs from Friday May 26th through Monday May 29th, 10 AM till 5 PM each day!


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Fresh landscapes are coming soon

Not even two weeks remain until the Fresh Landscapes show at Froggwell opens on May 26th, running for four whole days! Today, lets look at some of the paintings that Rebecca Collins will be showing.


Big Rock; oil pastel by Rebecca Collins


Kasaan Totem 1; Oil Pastel by Rebecca Collins

The garden has been in full tilt rhododendron boogie these past weeks, and while many of them will be gone in two weeks, I saw the first of the tree peonies starting to open this morning. Besides all the colorful paintings on display inside the house, you might be lucky enough to see the beginnings of peony season.


More to come soon!


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A Rising Tide

They say that a rising tide floats all boats. You can take that any number of ways, but I’m using it in the sense that when a thriving community of artists and galleries are joined by another gallery of high caliber, it’s good for all the artists (and galleries).

The Froggwell Cultural Institute is proud to be a member of the art community here on Whidbey Island. Shows happen here once (or maybe twice, as in this year) a year and we have had a very gratifying response from art lovers both from the Island, as well as from communities on the mainland.

But artists can’t live on the proceeds of one show a year, and so the support of our local galleries is crucial to artists and it is important that they thrive too. I’ve been exhibiting my work at The Rob Schouten Gallery since around 2010. One of the qualities I cherish about this gallery is that they are so supportive of their artists. Being a painter himself, Rob knows about the stresses on an artist, and the economics of trying to make a living as a working artist.


Recently, the ground floor space in the building shown above became available, and what with the uncertainty created by the management (or lack there of) at the Greenbank Farm, Rob and his wife and business partner, Victory, decided that it was time to make the move to Langley.

There were many good reasons to locate at the Greenbank Farm, when they first opened the gallery. Rob already had a studio there, and it was a short commute from their home. There was also a lot of energy being expended on making the farm a destination on central Whidbey. The gallery opened right before the economy went off the cliff in 2008, and the fact that they not only survived, but thrived is a testament to their vision and dedication. But with the changes in management at the farm, and the availability of this iconic building in the heart of Langley, there was no time like now to make this change.

It’s no easy thing to move a business, and there are renovations that need to be done, so that the space is as inviting and beautifully lit and appointed as their space at the farm is. To this end, they have initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise some of the funds needed to complete the renovations. You can read all about it here. If you are able to help, I hope you will do so. Please feel free to share this post, and thank you for being a fan of art on the island, and at Froggwell Garden.

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