Fresh Landscapes are Almost Here!

The Fresh Landscapes at Froggwell Show is less than a week away! If you are on Whidbey Island or close enough to make a day trip, you owe it to yourself to visit Frogggwell Garden next weekend.

Mother Tree by Alicia Elliot

Anthropeda 16X20 Oil on panel Alicia Elliot

Her Majesty Of Coles Rd
Alicia Elliot


Alicia has been inspired to focus on trees in this new series, their human-like forms presented in Nature and saved as impressions in oil paint. In the planning stages, she came across these words in the poem “Initiation” by Rainer Maria Rilke:

“Lift thine eyes slowly to the great dark tree
That stands against heaven, solitary, tall,
And thou hast visioned Life, its meanings rise
Like words that in the silence clearer grow…”


Later this week we’ll share some painting by Teresa Saia and another painting by Rebecca Collins.

The Fresh landscapes show runs from Friday May 26th through Monday May 29th, 10 AM till 5 PM each day!



About Bob T Panda

I am just your average talking panda. I enjoy bamboo, sleeping... oh, did I say I enjoy bamboo? what about sleeping. And of course, don't forget the cuppycakes!
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