Let’s see…what was it I’m doing tomorrow?

I am having one fairly quiet day of mostly rest. There have been a few things I’ve had to take care of, but I slept in, went outside for a while, and generally relaxed today.

Tomorrow, that is all over. Tomorrow is opening day, not only of the Froggwell Biennale, but also my show at The Rob Schouten Gallery. I hope, if you are in the area, you can make it to both shows.

Till you walk through the gates of the garden, here is a little bit of what you will get to see in the house. Tomorrow, I will have a chance to photograph the sculptures, once their protective wrappings are removed.

Walking toward the living room...

Walking toward the living room…

A cat and some birds...

A cat and some birds…

Teresa Saia, making the most of island views...

Teresa Saia, making the most of island views…

Who is unsteady?

Who is unsteady?

Some of my work in the entry hall...

Some of my work in the entry hall…

All right then! see you there!

The Froggwell Biennale ( TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 5PM
August 5th, 6th, & 7th.
At the Legendary Froggwell Garden
5508 Double Bluff Road
Freeland WA


About The Head Woozle

Making pictures and telling stories are my reason to be. Oh, and pandas and cake.
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