The Froggwell Biennale is Almost Here!

I spent today receiving work for the show, putting a few things here and there, but mostly beginning to get organized.

But first…we have one more:

Artist Spotlight: Sue Taves

I can’t remember which year Sue first started showing with us. I only know that her beautiful sculptures and sunny attitude have been a joy to have as part of our biannual show.

Sue Taves, sculpture.

Sue Taves, sculpture.


Sue at work

Sue at work

I believe that when we open ourselves to art and it touches us, we get a spark, something indefinable, from the experience.  This connection that happens is the reason I keep creating sculpture.  Getting to carve and live on Whidbey Island just makes a good thing even better!

When carving, I try to capture the natural essence of the stone in the choice of my design and to discover cohesive forms that use shape and texture to translate feelings, create moods and invite people to be drawn in.  Each piece gradually takes on a life of it’s own through the stone-carving process, sometimes revealing itself early, and other times not until the final polish.  Each work develops it’s own personality and helps create it’s own story.” (Link)

Sue Taves, sculpture

Sue Taves, sculpture

(apologies for not having the title of these works!)

In addition to Sue’s life as a working artist, she is also the brains, heart and driving force behind Whidbey Life Magazine, and online and print magazine of arts and culture on Whidbey Island. It is the place to go to find out more about this incredible place we live in, and the people who live here who are doing all kinds of stuff, including this show!!!!

Here are some of the photos of the present chaos which will soon be a magnificent sight to behold:

tiny painting by Gail Gwinn, laid out on the table awaiting their wall location.

tiny painting by Gail Gwinn, laid out on the table awaiting their wall location.

So much work...where to put it all????

So much work…where to put it all????

and wait! there's more!

and wait! there’s more!

Don’t forget! See you Friday!

The Froggwell Biennale (now less than 5 days away!)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 5PM
August 5th, 6th, & 7th.
At the Legendary Froggwell Garden
5508 Double Bluff Road
Freeland WA



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