Artist Spotlight: Bridget Fischer

This year not only do we have one artist book maker, we have two! Like printmaking, give two artists the same basic concept and materials, and you will get two very different finished products!

Printmaker Bridget Fischer joins us again as one of our guest artists with both her books and monotype prints. Here is Bridget with her offerings for this year’s show:

I am really excited to be asked to be a part of Froggwell this year.  I’ve got a new batch of Monotypes to show and I’ve been busy in the studio working on some new print techniques with Solar plates.  This means I am moving my imagery from just Monotypes into edition prints.

(c) Bridget Fischer

(c) Bridget Fischer

To satisfy my “3-D side”, I’ve also been in a flurry of book binding.  The books are both hard and soft cover, incorporating some of the wonderful and colorful papers from my collection.  Last fall I took a workshop in paper marbling, so a few of the books will have paper that I marbled.

Hand bound books with hand marbled papers Bridget Fischer

Hand bound books with hand marbled papers
Bridget Fischer

The thing I am most excited by in these books, is the addition of small fountain pens that are attached.  As a lover of fountain pens, I decided to create some blank books that come with these pens, along with a 3-pack of black cartridge refills. The book size is smallish and can be tucked easily into a purse, backpack or coat pocket. The pens are great for writing and drawing and the papers I am binding into the books are also great for writing and drawing too.   All books are hand sewn and one of a kind.

You can see more of Bridget’s artwork at her website.

The 2016 show is rapidly approaching! (AAAAAA! I’m not ready!!!)

The Froggwell Biennale

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 5PM
August 5th, 6th, & 7th.
At the Legendary Froggwell Garden
5508 Double Bluff Road
Freeland WA



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