Artist Spotlight: Dale Reiger

Beginning in the early days of the Froggwell Invitational, I always knew that I didn’t want the show to get so big that I couldn’t manage it. So rather than adding more artists each year, I started inviting a couple of guest artists each year along with the core group that has been showing here since the beginning. Sometimes the artists get too busy and have to drop out for a year or two, so it’s been a good thing to have some people who I’ve worked with as guest artists to call on and ask if they would like to participate again.

Ebey's Landing 3 by Dale Reiger; Photo by Denis Hill

Ebey’s Landing 3 by Dale Reiger; Photo by Denis Hill

Today, I’d like to share the work of this year’s guest sculptor, Dale Reiger, who has agreed to participate in this year’s show. I’m going to let him tell his own story in a minute, but first, there are a couple of art events on the island and in Seattle that some of the artists of Froggwell will be participating in.

Observation Tower; Dale Reiger

Observation Tower; Dale Reiger

First up is the Freeland Fine Art Studio, where both Dale Reiger and Sue Taves have their studios. Sixth Annual Freeland Art Studios Open House: Saturday, June 4, 2016. 11 a.m-4 p.m; Located in Freeland at 1660 Roberta Avenue. From Hwy 525, 1 block south of the Freeland stoplight turn north onto Harbor Ave. Turn left immediately onto Roberta Ave between Heritage (Whidbey Island) Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Drive straight ahead past WAIF toward the big open doors with our sign.

Ebey's Landing 2; Dale Reiger; Photo by Denis Hill

Ebey’s Landing 2; Dale Reiger; Photo by Denis Hill

Also on  Saturday, June 4th, if you are in Seattle rather than on Whidbey, Head on up to Queen Anne Hill for the opening at Fountainhead Gallery for the opening of artist Jennifer Frohwerk, another of our guest artists this year. Check back next week, as I hope to get a post written for her as well.
Fountainhead Gallery
625 W McGraw St
Seattle WA 98119
Phone: 206.285.4467

And now, here’s Dale:

Dale W. Reiger is the guest sculptor this year at the Froggwell Bienelle.  Dale was born in Seattle, Washington,  but grew up in Northern Idaho and Eastern WA.   He returned to Seattle and lived there many years until moving to Whidbey Island in 2006. Dale graduated from Washington State University with a degree in English.  Through writing poetry, fiction, playwriting, and owning and operating two successful businesses,  Dale finally arrived at painting about twenty five  years ago.  Ten years ago, Dale shifted his focus to kiln formed glass.    Glass had the right combination of hands on technique and artistic design, form and vision.  That, and the pure allure of glass as  a material captivated him.

Cast glass table; Dale Reiger

Cast glass table; Dale Reiger

Most of Dale’s kiln formed glass is cast.   He has six kilns.  The biggest three, capable of making a piece of glass up to 6’6” long,  were custom built and allow him  to make large and varied projects simultaneously.  All of Dale’s cast glass is multi layered,  heated up to four times and sometimes spending two weeks in the kiln.  Adding multiple layers gives the glass more depth and mystique.  He makes  table tops up to 2″ thick.  His multi colored glass houses and other sculptural structures are thick cast plates of glass over a steel superstructure.  These sculptures, some over 7′ tall, are for indoor or outdoor use.  Dale is also making large public art sculptural pieces and has plans to make an entire glass house which can be entered, allowing the viewer to be enveloped in sensation.

Dale describes his style as both primitive and elegant.    He uses elementary shapes which translate into symbols.    These symbols help to create a highly personalized  iconography drawing on Dale’s artistic, spiritual and international background.  Dale uses color, including iridized and dichromatic glass, as a language.  Each color has its own code and texture.  He is engaged in a dialogue of the harmony and dissonance of color.  The bright luminosity of glass is often contrasted by dark transparent colors, which allows the light to penetrate, but not to reveal.  Dale is also experimenting with that luminosity in different sculptural shapes and sizes, watching the light play from one side to the other in various sculptural forms.

Dale Reiger, houses in the surf; Denis Hill photo

Dale Reiger, houses in the surf; Denis Hill photo

In addition to being in the Froggwell Biennale this summer, Dale will exhibit work at the Freeland Art Studios Open House, June 4th,  and the juried Edmonds Arts Festival, June 17-20.   He will be installing a large sculpture in downtown Auburn, WA in early Sept.  He also has painting shows at the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo June 24-Sept 23, and at the Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley, WA,  July 1-31.  Dale exhibits his work in numerous galleries in AZ, CA and WA.

Dale’s studio is on Honeymoon Bay.  He lives with his  wife, Teri Jo Summer-Reiger, a well known clothing designer and fabric artist.   Dale’s website is

Hope to see you here next week or one of the upcoming art events, and of course at this year’s Froggwell Biennale August 5-6-7 2016! You won’t want to miss this!


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