Artist Spotlight: Linnane Armstrong

I first saw Linnane’s work more than 10 years ago, when I got um…corralled into judging the fine art exhibit at The Island County Fair. Her book of linoleum block prints brought me up short, as it was more than several cuts above the most of the other works on display.

Actually it was a lot above the level of most of the other works exhibited, so I gave it as many prizes as I was allowed to, and then found out more about her. Linnane grew up on Whidbey Island, went off to Reed College in Oregon, came back and married another islander and has been producing some very fine art ever since. In her spare (hahahahahaha) time, she manages the frame shop at Gene’s Art & Frame in Oak Harbor.  She also shows her work at The Rob Schouten Gallery in Greenbank. She comes by her “art genes” honestly, as her mother is also an artist, Mary Ellen O’Connor.

Linnane Armstrong, High Skies Harvest, Woodblock

Linnane Armstrong, High Skies Harvest, Woodblock

In the last year, Linnane has been very busy with a new “project” and here she is to tell you about it:

Studio Report: Big Changes!

Much has changed in my life over the last year, mainly becoming a mother last September. My husband and I have been loving introducing our son to an appreciation of nature, through regular hikes starting when he was only 3 weeks old. He loves being outdoors, and taking him to all of my favorite places here on Whidbey Island has inspired my to see them through new eyes. This became the inspiration for my newest woodblock print, which has a working title of “Through a Child’s Eyes.” This whimsical piece captures creatures hidden in the shapes of landscapes and clouds. This is the first of several new pieces I will have ready to debut at the Froggwell Biennale, August 5-7. Froggwell is the only show I am doing this year, and it feels great to focus on creating new work for it.

My other big news is that most of my studio has officially moved to Willow Pond Studio (shared with my mother). We sold our house and are about to move into another one, and while I will have a small studio space in the new house, I will do all printing at Willow Pond Studio. So I will host a “First Proof Party” for my newest piece at Willow Pond Studio at 2pm on Saturday May 21. I will proof-print the blocks for the very first time at this event- it is a very exciting moment for me, and I would love to share the excitement with anyone who would like to come and learn more about my process.

If you will be on Whidbey Island on Saturday May 21, 2016, this is a great opportunity to see an artist in action. Proofing a new multi-plate print for the first time is a nerve wracking experience, but doing it in front of an audience…whew!

Watercolor study of new print to be proofed on Saturday, May 21st. Linnane Armstong

Watercolor study of new print to be proofed on Saturday, May 21st. Linnane Armstrong

Plates in progress. Linnane Armstrong

Plates in progress. Linnane Armstrong


Hope to see you at the proofing party, and of course, at Froggwell Garden in August.

Dates to remember:
Saturday May 21st, 2016
Linneane Armstrong print proofing event;
The First Proof Party will be at Willow Pond Studio, 1358 Willow Pond Lane. Highway 525 to Houston Road, 1/2 mile to left turn on Willow Pond Lane. 1/4 mile to driveway on the left, 1358.

The Froggwell Biennale
Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 5PM
August 5th, 6th, & 7th.

block in progress




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