See You Again Next Year, We Hope

We had a great time. People came. People oohed and aahed. People bought paintings to take home and enjoy. Half of the paintings that arrived last Tuesday went home with excited new owners. If that isn’t a successful show, I don’t know what is. We hope we will be back next year, with the regular Froggwell Biennale. You never know what a year will bring, but we hope it brings a period of peace and productive work for all the artists, and for you as well. A garden like Froggwell takes a lot to maintain and when one gets to a certain stage in life, the distance between “Yeah! Let’s do that!”  and ” Gee, that seems like too much work,” get closer and closer. But I hope we will be back. This blog goes on vacation until sometime next spring. Look for us in your inbox. Until then…

The garden is waiting.....

The garden is waiting…..


About The Head Woozle

Making pictures and telling stories are my reason to be. Oh, and pandas and cake.
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