More from the upcoming 2015 Forgery Show…

I am a little bit of a wordpress “stats geek” and considering that this blog goes on vacation for …um…approximately 10.5 months a year, getting around…uh…zero views in that time, it is always really gratifying to start posting before the show, and have people actually visit the blog. Thank you!

Today I have some works from a variety of eras.

First up, one of our favorite contributors to all the Froggwell shows, no longer lives on Whidbey Island. Briony Morrow Cribbs left Whidbey some years ago, after being steeped in the artistic lifestyle of the island, not incidentally, including her parents, Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs, and let’s not forget her grandmother Ann Cribbs. ( Oh, and most of her aunts and uncles on the Cribbs side, as well as several of her cousins.) Add to that the plethora of artists living on Whidbey, and you have the perfect incubator for someone as dedicated and talented as Briony.

Her work for the forgery show is one of Goya’s etchings from the Disasters of War series, created between 1810 and 1820. He did a number of paintings from this period and subject matter, but I have always been enchanted by these etchings, of which I got to see a large group of back in the 1970’s when I lived in Western Massachusetts.

Contra el Bien General, after Francisco Goya, by Briony Morrow Cribbs; etching

Contra el Bien General, (Against the Common Good)  after Francisco Goya, by Briony Morrow Cribbs; etching

I would like to point out, that while doing a forgery painting is hard enough, doing an etching forgery adds the difficult twist: you have to do it backwards. Just saying. And since she has created an etching plate for this work, she can print multiple prints from the same plate. For those of you who have not heard my diatribes on “prints” versus “reproductions” a print, in this case an etching, is a multiple original, meaning each one is individually printed by hand inking the plate and printing by means of an etching press for each individual print.  Do check out Briony’s website for more information about her work. You can comment here or go to her website if you are interested in acquiring a “Goya” of your very own.

Since I mentioned Briony’s dad, Bruce Morrow, I thought this was a good opportunity to post his work. Bruce and his wife Buffy have made art the center of their lives, so much so that they turned a small funky house on another property they own near their own home, into an etching studio that is available for rentals, both on a daily basis as well as a combined Bed and Print studio (as opposed to a Bed and Breakfast) get away. You can read all about it on the Flicker Feather Press website.

Bruce jumped a few centuries to find his inspiration for his forgery, creating a Mark Rothko painting. Rothko was one of the abstract expressionists active in the 1950’s. Born in 1903 in Dvinsk, Russia, he emigrated with his parents in his youth. He committed suicide in 1970. Looking at his late paintings, one might very well gather that he was…um…kind of depressed. I recently saw a show of his work in the Hague, and it made me depressed.

No. 207, after Mark Rothko, by Bruce Morrow.

No. 207, after Mark Rothko, by Bruce Morrow.

Well, that’s probably enough for todays’s post! I’ll try to have a few more of the works that people have sent me over the next couple of days, then post some installation shots once the show is up. Should anyone be interested in any of the works posted, feel free to contact us via the contact form below and we will find out about pricing and availability of each works. Wouldn’t it be more fair to wait till the show opens so that everyone has the same opportunity? Heck, yes! But who cares about fair? We want as much art as possible to sell!


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