Sculptures in the garden

The Forgeries at Froggwell show usually attracts a large number of painters to participate in the show, but for some reason it is a little harder usually to get sculptors excited about copying someone else’s work. Maybe it is in part due to the logistics of not only creating a three dimensional work, but also transporting and storing a 300 pound hunk of stone. (For instance.)

This year we will have a number of pieces created by Sculptor Dan Freeman, whose work can be seen regularly at The Rob Schouten Gallery in Greenbank. Dan has created works that are allegedly by such sculpture luminaries as Alexander Caldwell, Louise Nevelson and Barbara Hepworth.

Dan Freeman channels Barbara Hepworth

Dan Freeman channels Barbara Hepworth

Lousie Nevelson via Dan Freeman

Lousie Nevelson via Dan Freeman

Dan sent these notes along with the photograph of this piece:

This is more along the lines of what the world came to know Louise for, black pieces. What makes this a stand out was the title “Did I See This orNot?” Louise was experimenting with various chemical compounds at the time. Most historians don’t know that Louise also studied chemistry and would sometimes, “try stuff,” as she was fond of saying. I like her sense of adventure. I bought this from some yahoo on Drew’s list that said “I don’t know what this is but it sure is black.” All I can say is, his loss, my gain.

Dan Freeman creates his version of an Anthony Caro

Dan Freeman creates his version of an Anthony Caro

More from Dan About British artist, Anthony Caro:

This is “Anthony Caro’s Guard Dog” a very rare piece, as Anthony didn’t do too many dogs. Even more rare knowing that Anthony didn’t traffic in whimsy so much.

Alexander Calder was one of my favorite artists when I was growing up and studying art in Philadelphia. There was a very large Calder mobile installed in the Philadelphia Art Museum, which I loved to visit. Fortunately, Dan seems to have “discovered” several small Calder maquettes which he is bringing to the show.

calder view 2

Okay, now imagine all of these sculptures here:

The garden is waiting.....

The garden is waiting…..

See you July 31st through August 2nd at Froggwell Garden.

The 2015 Forgeries @ Froggwell Exhibition will be held July 31
Through August 2nd 10 AM to 6 PM all three days.
5508 Double Bluff Road, Freeland WA



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