Beware of Forgeries!

Well, not so much as beware of, but get ready for! Yes it’s that time of year once again, or rather that time of every other year, when an artist’s mind turns to the 4th biannual Forgeries at Froggwell.

We have a really great line up this year, with paintings coming from as far away as Baltimore, MD, including this one from Karen Trimble, called the Artisan, by Phillipe Pavy, a French painter born in 1860. Visit Karen’s website to see more of this talented painter’s work. (And for those of you in the Baltimore/DC area, consider visiting her at one of her shows around the region!)

The Artisan, by Karen Trimble. after Phillipe Pavy

The Artisan, by Karen Trimble. after Phillipe Pavy //Oil on canvas //36″x24″

As you know, this blog goes on …um…vacation most of the year, not that it is off on some beach, sipping margarita’s and eating peeled grapes. But now with this year’s show a mere six weeks away, it is time to put the pedal to the metal or maybe the brush to the canvas and start posting!

This years show will be held, as always, at Froggwell Garden, 5508 Double Bluff Road, Freeland WA, on beautiful Whidbey Island. For those who have visited this lovely garden and den of forgery, you know what a beautiful place it is.

Stay tuned for several updates per week as we get more images of work that will be in the show. (note to self: photograph the paintings you have done for the show sooner, rather than later.)

More later…..


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