Four Days and counting…

Putting on a weekend art show is never an easy thing.  I’ve been doing this since the first one in 2004 and while it has definitely gotten easier, I cheerfully refer the first week in August as “hell week.”

I made some really bone-headed mistakes that first year, including telling several people   that “sure, you can bring your work in on the day the show opens, just make sure you are here before 8 AM so that I can go home to rest a little and get the rest of the food ready for the opening,”  Oh boy, was THAT a mistake.

By 3 PM I was breathing fire and ripping anyones head off that got within six feet of me. Not a good way to start the weekend.

Where will we put everything?

Where will we put everything?

After the first year, I learned my lesson, and now everyone brings their work in on Monday, except for the sculptors, who bring their work in on Tuesday, and are responsible for setting up their own displays in the garden. (It’s a really big garden.)

The garden is waiting.....

The garden is waiting…..

But now I am deep in my favorite part of the process (at least the set up part…. what my real favorite part is, is when hundreds of people stream in,tell me this is their favorite art show of the whole year, and go home with a piece of original art that they have purchased.)

My FAVORITE part is hanging the show, figuring out what goes with what, developing themes, moving things around, moving them back where they were before…no wait, maybe over there… It’s the most creative part of the process for me, after making paintings and prints in my studio. It’s also the part that people offer to help with, but I always say no, because the hanging of an art show is a creative statement, in and of itself. And like when I’m in my studio, I really don’t want anyone else’s opinion till I’m done. I think this will be the best show ever!

But I always say that.

I’ll be posting all week (because, obviously I don’t have enough to do) about the artists in the show, maybe a few pictures of the work as it gets installed here at The Froggwell Cultural Institute, maybe a little preview of what is waiting for you this year.

See you this weekend on Whidbey Island!


About The Head Woozle

Making pictures and telling stories are my reason to be. Oh, and pandas and cake.
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