The Froggwell Biennale is Only 3 Weeks Away!

It is getting down to the wire for the 2014 Froggwell Biennale, South Whidbey’s favorite (well, that’s what people tell me) art show.  What makes the Froggwell show so special?  The setting for starters. Located in a beautiful house and garden setting, it is a very different experience than going to a gallery, or a large street fair.

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

This year’s artists include:

Buffy Cribbs
Bruce Morrow
Anne Belov
Gail Gwinn
Teresa Saia
Sharon Spencer
Linnane Armstrong
Sue Taves
Dan Freeman
Marianne Brabanski
Bridget Fisher

I hope you can join us this year for our show.  We will continue the tradition of artist demonstrations of their work process. Sue Taves will be demonstrating some of her stone carving techniques, and Linnane Armstrong will demonstrate woodblock printing.

Speaking of Linnane’s woodblock prints, she graciously opened up her studio to pull the first proof from a new print she has been working on of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.  For those of you who are not printmakers, pulling a first proof in public is a very brave thing to do, not unlike inviting people over for dinner and serving a very complicated dish you have never made before.

Linnane Armstrong's work in progress

Linnane Armstrong’s work in progress

proof versions 1 and 2

proof versions 1 and 2

Tune in several times a week between now and August 1st, as I bring you more artist profiles and news of the Froggwell Artists.


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