Oh My Gosh, It’s almost Time for Froggwell!

Oh gosh, oh golly Miss Molly, The 2014 Froggwell Biennale is barely 2 months away and I have been woefully late in getting going on the annual reinvigoration of this blog.  Like most artists, I am running full speed in multiple directions, but I am here now!

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

This year’s show will take place the weekend of August 1-3, 2014, from 10 AM until 5PM all three days. More information on place and directions when we get closer to the actual weekend.

First up, the avian report: Last year the eagles were successful in ousting the osprey from the garden, and it appears that the eagles have set up housekeeping and (unless they have switched gender roles,) mom eagle appears to be sitting on her nest. We had some excitement last month when a rowdy gang of red tail hawks ganged up on Mr. Eagle. They dive bombed him, but he did that really cool maneuver where they flip upside down while flying, just as the red tail was ready to pound him, the two birds locked claws and then crashing into the trees in a tangle.  Mr. Eagle appears to have recovered his realm, if not his dignity.  There is also a robin who has built a nest right next to a window, and gets very annoyed when anyone walks by.  Good luck with that!.

Next time I will share the full list of artists in the show, but there are a couple of events coming up this month that I’d like to mention.

We are thrilled to have printmaker Linnane Armstrong showing with us again this year. Not only is she a spectacularly talented artist, she is a joy to work with. Last year she took a trip to Yosemite National Park to hike and to gather images and inspiration for a new series of woodcuts.

Linnane writes:
“Last September I spent two weeks in and around Yosemite, gathering inspiration for some new woodblock prints. It was breathtaking- so beautiful I hardly know where to begin! Even the days that were smoky from the Rim Fire were so striking because of how the smoke changed the light. Many days were clear, and the hiking was exhilarating:

Linnane at Yosemite

I’m going to try something I have never done before… I’m throwing a “First Proof Party” for this print! It will be a kickoff for my studio space at Mary Ellen O’Connor’s studio on the Whidbey Art Trail. Usually my first proof is something only I experience- but it is one of the most thrilling moments for me! So I thought I would share the experience with others. It will be an informative demonstration of my process as well as an exciting unveiling of my newest image, “Reflection of Half-Dome” (which will not be for sale until Froggwell!). All are welcome to attend, enjoy refreshments, and watch the exciting step-by-step first reveal! “

Linnane Armstrong's work in progress

Linnane Armstrong’s work in progress

The “First Proof Party” is Saturday, June 21 at 1pm, at the studio of Mary Ellen O’Connor & Linnane Armstrong, 1358 Willow Pond Lane, Coupeville. If you would like to see more process as I carve the blocks for this piece, like my printmaking page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Linnane-Armstrong-Printmaker/322605701189291

Sculptor Sue Taves has studio space in beautiful downtown Freeland, which she shares with a whole host of other artists. They will be having an open house this month on June 14th.  Here’s the scoop on this event:

Fourth Annual Open House at Freeland Art Studios
Freeland Art Studios is expanding just in time for our annual Open House! Come see the additional space and meet the artists of the Freeland Art Studios on Saturday, June 14 from 11-4. Freeland Art Studios is a large studio space, now over 3000 sq. feet larger, that houses 10 separate artist workspaces.

The artists work in a variety of different media including: stone, metal, clay tile, jewelry, mosaics, cast glass, bronze, wood, mixed media and water. Meet the artists; Penelope Crittenden, Carol Rose Dean, Travis Kuehn, Tom Lindsay, Woody Morris, Sara Owens, Frank Rose, Sue Taves, Lane Tompkins, and Lloyd Whannell. Frank Rose will also be showing the paintings of the late Ken Hassrick.

Artists will have completed art for sale and works in process during the open house and artist demonstrations will be done throughout the day. Stop by for light refreshments and to say hello.

You can find us at 1660 Roberta Avenue off of Harbor Ave in Freeland (behind Whidbey Island Bank and Waif Thrift.) For more information go to: www.FreelandArtStudios.com.

Your humble editor (ha ha, yeah, right) has been hard at work on several projects. In February I staged a Kickstarter campaign for my wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis, which reached its funding goal in less than 36 hours. I’ll share more about that in a future post, but for now, here is my beautiful book cover!

Pandamorphosis: What would you wish for?

Pandamorphosis: What would you wish for?

Hope to see you in August! Stay tuned to this very station for more about the 2014 Froggwell Biennale!


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