The hours are ticking down….

Till the solstice,

…till the year’s end….

………till next year’s Froggwell Biennale, but first….

Indulge me if you will, for an announcement, or plea, for support of the Whidbey Life Magazine’s Indiegogo project which at this time has a little over two days to go,  to fund a print edition of WLM.  The hourly countdown has begun.

One of Al Tennant's ceramic sculptures with the house at Froggwell in the Background.

One of Al Tennant’s ceramic sculptures with the house at Froggwell in the Background.

Even if you don’t live on Whidbey Island, listen up, because maybe there is a similar project or organization where you live, that needs your support. The arts have taken a big hit, economically speaking,  in the last five years. Some of the economy, in some places, is beginning to recover.  Arts, literature, panda satire, fine chocolate, and goat cheese are not recovering quite as quickly, because they are not essential,  exactly.  They don’t put a roof over your head. You can’t drive them to work. And yet, and yet….

Having these things as a part of your community bring joy and beauty to us.  Whidbey Life Magazine has become a part of our Island community make-up, bringing news of the artists and artisans who live here, listing events that happen right here on the island, providing background on the artists that create all the plays, paintings and sculptures for you to enjoy.

Without a publication to bring news of all the creative goings on here, our reach is limited, our voices are muffled. WLM provides this news outlet and more.  More of the income that locally produced products generate stay in their home area than dollars that you spend at a national chain. If artists know anything at all, it’s how to squeeze a dollar till it screams.

Taves at work, carving dry stone.

Taves at work, carving dry stone.

If you live on Whidbey we need your voice added to the growing groundswell of support for this project.  The best part of crowd-funding is the engagement of the crowd. Get engaged. lend your voice, lend your support. You only have about 48 more hours to do so.

Thank you!


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Making pictures and telling stories are my reason to be. Oh, and pandas and cake.
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