The Third Forgeries at Froggwell is Just Around the Corner…

…and so I crawl out of my cave (which seems to be bursting with pandas) and put on my fine art exhibition hat to get ready for another artistic extravaganza at Froggwell Gardens. 

Tundra swans by Rebecca Collins/all rights reserved

Tundra Swans by Rebecca Collins/all rights reserved

As I mentioned back in March, on alternate years we offer what I playfully call Forgeries at Froggwell, which focuses on works that are either inspired by or copies of famous art by long deceased artists.  In that very spirit of having fun with the history of art, we proudly announce this year’s2013 exhibition, which we are calling, “…From the School of: Works Attributed to the Great Artists of Art History.”

This years show will be held August 1st through 4th at Froggwell Gardens, 5508 Double Bluff Road. Please see our “About” page if you need directions to Froggwell.

Part of the mission of this blog is to let you know what our artists are up to when they are not all wrapped up in preparations for Froggwell shows.

Flicker Feather Press: a new resource for printmakers

Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs have been at the center of the Whidbey Island art scene (yes, we do too have an art scene) ever since they arrived here more than 20 years ago.  (Their daughter, Briony Morrow-Cribbs is an accomplished printmaker who for the past two years has been teaching printmaking at University of Wisconsin Madison. Her etchings have illustrated two books by  Amy Stewart (Wicked Bugs and Wicked Plants)and most recently a collection of short stories edited by Neil Gaiman.)

Painters, printmakers, and in Buffy’s case, fine art furniture builders, Bruce and Buffy have long wished for a printmaking center here on Whidbey.  Printmaking presses are large and expensive and not everyone who wants to explore the medium has the budget or the building to have one. In large cities there are often one or more printmaking co-operatives where those with presses rent out the use of their press and space to those who are interested in printing.

B&B decided to tackle the problem head on by renovating a funky former rental they own into a professional printmaking space available by the day or week for private print projects.  They also plan to offer the space to those who want to teach a print class but don’t have room at their own studio.  (I certainly plan to take advantage of that!)

Flicker Feather Press

Flicker Feather Press

Here is the information about their project and their upcoming open house:

10 AM to 4 PM
(across the lane from our house)

Dear friends,

We have spent the last 6 months putting together a professional level print shop which we hope will serve the arts community in the coming years as a place to learn and teach intaglio, relief and monoprint techniques, as well as other press related styles of printing.

As well as being a place of learning, the facility will be available to rent on a daily and weekly basis.

Come check us out and help inaugurate a dream!!!

Bruce Morrow Buffy Cribbs

If you are a printmaker on Whidbey Island (or want to take a trip here to have a printmaking vacation or even to teach a class) do join them at their open house next week.

I’ll be posting more often between now and the Forgeries @ Froggwell show (maybe even weekly!), in order to give you a sneak peak at the art and artists that will be exhibiting this year.

Till then….

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