One more thing, with only 17 hours (or less) to go…

Hanging a group show can be challenging, frustrating, and let’s not forget, daunting.  I like to find things that relate from one work to another, even when they are by two different artists and of two different subject matters.

Morning Pasture by Teresa Saia

I’d met Teresa at some point during my years on Whidbey…she knew people I knew, I knew people she knew…that’s how it works in a small art community.  I really didn’t get to know her, though, until I ran into her in a piazza in Montalcino, when I was traveling and she was teaching a workshop there.  As I was watching the group of people across the piazza, I thought, I think I know that person, and indeed I did. So a few weeks after that, I invited her to be in the first Froggwell show.

Morning Commute by Teresa Saia

I love the light in this picture.  I also love that all the people in it are walking away from the viewer.  Don’t ask me why, but I do.

These paintings will both be be available for viewing and purchase at this years’ show.

But probably not for long.

See you tomorrow!


About Bob T Panda

I am just your average talking panda. I enjoy bamboo, sleeping... oh, did I say I enjoy bamboo? what about sleeping. And of course, don't forget the cuppycakes!
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