We are now entering “Froggwell Week”

Otherwise known around here as “hell week.”

But seriously….

Putting together a group show takes a vast amount of effort by everyone involved.  Fortunately,  I’ve been doing this enough times that some of the organizational pieces stay in place from year to year (and to think I used to think computers were completely evil…)  From the artists who take part in the show, to the gardeners who keep Froggwell looking like the art piece that it is, to the people who write about it and get the word out, thank you all.

a small piece of Froggwell Garden

Now imagine this scene with beautiful sculptures in it.

I now have a schedule for print and stone carving demonstrations that are a new part of the Froggwell experience.  If you might be near or on Whidbey Island next weekend, I hope you will visit the garden and the show.

Here’s the schedule (as it stands now) of art demonstrations. The dates are Friday August 3rd through Sunday August 5th

Friday  10AM -12noon Gail Gwinn printing etchings

Friday 2-4 PM  Bruce Morrow printing block print or?

Friday 1-3 PM Teresa Saia plein air painting

Friday  1-3 PM Linnane Armstrong linoleum block carving

Saturday 10 AM – 12 Buffy Cribbs demo her very own Minerva Press- a small and compact, but high quality etching press

Saturday 2-4 PM Linnane printing lino-block or woodblock

Sunday  10 AM – 12 Teresa Saia – Plein air painting

Sunday 2PM-4PM Marianne Brabanski collograph

Stone carving_ through out the weekend – Sue Taves

Taves at work on wet carving techniques

Outside, Spring Awaits….the interior at froggwell. Painting by Anne Belov, art on wall in painting by Buffy Cribbs.

See you this weekend!


About Bob T Panda

I am just your average talking panda. I enjoy bamboo, sleeping... oh, did I say I enjoy bamboo? what about sleeping. And of course, don't forget the cuppycakes!
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