More of our guest artists! The Froggwell Biennale is only 3 weeks away….

I must apologize for my lack of post-ivity (is that a word? I don’t think so, but I’m using it anyway.)  There are a couple more guest artists that I want to tell you about, but first, I also want to tell you that this year, we will be having printmaking and stone carving demonstrations throughout the weekend.  We’ve never tried this before, but as many people’s eyes start to get glazed over when you get more than two sentences into the description of how a particular print is made, I decided that a demonstration is worth a 1,000 words. More about that in my next post!

Marianne Brabanski and Al Tennant have been artists for far longer than I’ve known them, and that has been over 20 years.  Marianne’s paintings and monotypes are bold, lively, and lush.  Well, kind of like Marianne herself.

Marianne Brabanski


I first met Marianne and her husband Al Tennant when they opened a gallery in Langley, WA.  The gallery didn’t work out (turned out that people came in at just the right interval so that you could never get any work done, but not quite often enough to make the trip from Coupeville pay off.) but we kept in touch over the years.  And now they are joining us at Froggwell this year.

Al Tennant

Al works in clay, but don’t expect to find delicate porcelain teacups on display at Froggwell this year.  Al’s sculptures are earthy and organic. While the color is subtle, there is color in abundance, as well as beautifully textured surfaces.

They make me think of Henry Moore in the way the surface is inscribed and distressed.  I think this work will complement the work of our two “resident” sculptors, Sue Taves and Sharon Spencer.

For those who have never been to Froggwell, the garden setting, where sculptures are displayed, is a perfect setting to view this work.  If you are within a days drive of Whidbey Island on the first weekend of August this year, it might just be worth a ferry ride.

The Froggwell BIennnale: there’s nothing quite like it.


Hope to see you in the garden!


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I am just your average talking panda. I enjoy bamboo, sleeping... oh, did I say I enjoy bamboo? what about sleeping. And of course, don't forget the cuppycakes!
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2 Responses to More of our guest artists! The Froggwell Biennale is only 3 weeks away….

  1. Lori Sanmiguel says:

    I Wish I could be there in person to see Al Tennant and Marianne Brabanski’s work in person. They are both brilliant artists. I currently have pieces from both of them in my house. Wish I had more! Thanks for giving us a preview!!

    • Thank you so much for your comments! Al and Marianne are great people and their work looks great in the show. Al’s sculptures look like they just emerged from the garden. Sorry you can’t be there to see it “live”

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