Only about Six weeks until the Froggwell Biennale

Sorry I haven’t been posting of late, but I was off traveling the world and doing work to show at this year’s Froggwell Biennale, which is coming up in a little more than a month.

But first, my show, which I share with fellow Froggwellian Artist Sharon Spencer at the Rob Schouten Gallery, located at the Greenbank Farm opens in a little more than a week.

Forty shades of Blue //Anne Belov //oil on panel // all rights reserved

This is one of the paintings for the show, that I finished right before my trip in May.  I was not sorry to have missed the early June rains, as we left right after 2 weeks of gorgeous weather came to an end.  Hope the summer gets it’s act together before August!

Two of the original members of the Froggwell Show are Buffy Cribbs and her husband Bruce Morrow.  They will be joining us at this years show.  Here is what Buffy says about one of her most recent works:

Epic poem about a personal journey through time and space

 Last September I decided to embark on the most ambitious artistic adventure of my life, which would involve painted and printed and drawn images with poetry and metered prose in the form of a book. I am using the Roman goddess Minerva, and her invented relationship with The Minotaur as a vehicle to express the relationship of the artist to her personal story, and her commitments to her craft and her honor. The concept of the goddess’s “immortality” allows me to place her as I will in what I hope will amount to an illustrated epic poem about a personal journey through time and space. 

Laruche by Buffy Cribbs //copyright 2012 all rights reserved

Here’s a little of what Bruce says about his work:

I love the process of making a plate and then the process of printing multiples. I work in wood block, etching, aquatint and “series mono prints” mostly. I tend to cross refer images from painting to print and back again because there’s so much to explore when you get a good image, or idea.

My work is very narrative anyhow; there’s always the beginning of a story there. So each time I do an image, there’s the possibility that the ending will change.

 I apologize for not having images of Bruce’s work right now.  I’ll get some things up soon, I promise!
You have an earlier opportunity to see their work, as they will be opening a show this Saturday at the Brackenwood Gallery right here in beautiful Langley.  I can’t promise great weather, but I can promise lots of great art in hot colors to maybe make you forget the lousy um…typical Northwest June we’ve been having.
Hope to see you at Bruce and Buffy’s opening on Saturday, June 30th at Brackenwood Gallery and Sharon Spencer and Anne Belov at the Rob Schouten Gallery on Friday July 6th.  Surely it will be summer by then.  (see links on the right side of this page)

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I am just your average talking panda. I enjoy bamboo, sleeping... oh, did I say I enjoy bamboo? what about sleeping. And of course, don't forget the cuppycakes!
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