A real post and the first of the new permanent artist pages…

But first, the flora and fauna report….

Rhododendrons are coming into their own right now.  The two big pink ones flanking the path look like they are on steroids.  Daffodils are starting to phase out, tulips, especially the cute little species ones, are coming on strong.

But the fauna…now that’s really what’s happening at the moment.  In the evening and into the wee hours, the frogs are roaring up a storm.  The other night, I was awake at O-dark:00 hours and I heard the frogs stop abruptly and the bird chirping begin.  It’s almost like they punch a time clock…”OK, quitting time, see you tomorrow, Bruce.”

Meanwhile, the bad boys of the bird world are back in town, and I don’t mean the eagles.  The eagles just wish they were half as tough as  osprey are.  For the first week or so after the osprey return, there is an aerial war that goes on for days at a time.  Now that the eagles have been put in their place, quiet returns to the garden.

At least until all the artists arrive for the show in August.

An inspiration (to give myself more work) I had a few weeks ago is to create pages of the artists that I’ve profiled here on the Froggwell blog.  These will be permanent pages that you can look at, and so won’t have to try to remember when I wrote about a particular artist to look at their work again.  The first page up is Linnane Armstrong, and I have included some of her work in progress pictures that I did not get to before now.  I’ll be updating the other artists soon. (no, really, I will!)

Here is a preview of the next artist to be profiled (whenever I get around to it), Briony Morrow-Cribbs:

Peregrine Falcons by Briony Morrow-Cribbs //all rights reserved


About The Froggwellian

As assistant curator at the Froggwell Cultural Institute, It has been my great privilege to curate art shows at the beautiful house and gardens of Froggwell. This blog is to inform out friends and fans of the artists that paricipate in the Froggwell Biennale.
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2 Responses to A real post and the first of the new permanent artist pages…

  1. thom says:

    briony, briony, briony … was good at birth… and has been steadily improving so that when her next work appears, it’s so good it just smacks you in the senses… why this print reminds me of Louis aggassiz fuertes, who was the greatest bird artist of his day until he got into a bad automobile accident…. yep, went the way of Nathaniel Wyeth… and Nathaniel West…
    so be careful out there…. I can’t wait to see this in person.

    • And now Briony will have an MFA as well. (that and $3 will buy her a cup of coffee, but heck, it was a lot of work to get there.) She has matured into a damn fine artist, and we’re pleased to have her at Froggwell again.

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