The sun came out for about a minute….

The sun came out for about a minute, which reminded me that summer (and the 2012 Froggwell Biennale) is just around the corner.

Here’s another profile of one of the artist’s of the Froggwell Biennale.  Sue Taves is a sculptor who moved to the Island…well, I’m not sure how many years ago.  She works primarily in carved stone, although she occasionally works in cast bronze, as well as assemblage constructions.  Her work is beautiful and sensual and balanced.

Sue Taves // Mountains and Clouds // all rights reserved

You just want to get your hands on it, and guess what!  She even encourages it.  Here’s what she says about her current work:

“Last year I created a new series of work called the “Wind Series” that included both some smaller pieces for indoors and some larger pieces for the garden.  I will be showing some of those pieces at Froggwell this year as well as adding some new sculptures from that series.  Who knows, I may find inspiration in other directions as well and bring along some new sculptures that are at the studio now just waiting for the weather to get warmer so I will finish them.

When I first thought about this series, I pictured stacked stones that could be moved individually by the viewer.   Figuring out the mechanics of how to achieve this proved to be a challenging discovery process.   Go ahead, ask me anything about steel thrust ball bearings or flanged bronze bearings, and I could bore you for hours.

For me, these sculptures are all about wind and movement. Finding a way to depict wind in stone led me to create sculptural versions of objects that are intimately related to wind:  sailboats, clouds, and flags.

Wind is a powerful moving force in nature and creates energy and change.  This theme is a natural fit for sculptures that have moveable components.  Rotating individual parts of the stacked forms alters their relationship with each other and creates a new sculpture each time.

Working with different stone to create interesting forms in multiple positions was the fun part; working a stone, then stacking it, moving it, taking it apart again and working it some more. I invite you to not just touch the sculpture, but to play with the shapes, moving them to your liking.”

And lest you think that carving stone is a genteel art, she included some pictures of herself at work.:

Taves at work, carving dry stone.

Taves at work on wet carving techniques

This year at the Froggwell Biennale, we are going to have artist demonstrations of both printmaking and sculpture.  Sue has offered to have a “carving demonstration” during the weekend show, so you can see for yourself how she decides which part of a stone is the sculpture, and which part is not.

Wings // Sue Taves // all rights reserved

She definitely got it right on this one.

Thanks for checking in.  I’ll have more on the artists who will participate in the show in a week or two.


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As assistant curator at the Froggwell Cultural Institute, It has been my great privilege to curate art shows at the beautiful house and gardens of Froggwell. This blog is to inform out friends and fans of the artists that paricipate in the Froggwell Biennale.
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