A New Year at the Froggwell Biennale

Anne Belov

Tasting Summer by Anne Belov /oil o/l/ 2010 all rights reserved

Greeting to all who have attended the art shows at Froggwell, or toured the gardens.  as we prepare for another exhibition in August at Froggwell Gardens, I’d like to let you know about whats new and exciting this year.

First of all, this blog!  Last year our Chief Communications Officer created a fabulous blog to provide information about the show last year, which was a re-creation of the 1913 New York Armory Exhibition.  It was a fun show, with approximately 23 artists creating rather accurate copies of some of the paintings that appeared in the original show in 1913.

With the success of that blog, I thought, hey, we need to keep this blog thing going for this show as a way to keep people informed about what all your favorite Froggwell artists are up to and what you might expect to see at this years show.  So, as I prefer WordPress to other blog platforms, I decided to create a new site for all the Froggwell information you might need, and probably more than you might want.  We will also provide links to participating artist’s blogs or websites, so if there is someone you might want to follow more closely, you can easily link to their site.

If you’ve already signed up at one of our shows with your email address, we will be sending out an email announcing our existence.  I invite you to sign up here on the blog to get updates, which I can pretty much promise won’t appear more than once or twice a month, unless I have something REALLY interesting to tell you.

Outside, Spring Awaits / Anne Belov Oil on Linen

Oh yes, this year’s show is scheduled for August 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2012.  Save the date!   In addition to the great paintings, prints, and sculpture that you already expect at Froggwell, we are planning a number of printmaking, painting and sculture “artist in action demos” through the weekend.

We hope you will follow the journey to this favorite show among Whidbey Islanders, and, of course, Attend the 2012 Froggwell Biennale, brought to you by the Froggwell Cultural Institute.

We invite your questions and comments!



About The Froggwellian

As assistant curator at the Froggwell Cultural Institute, It has been my great privilege to curate art shows at the beautiful house and gardens of Froggwell. This blog is to inform out friends and fans of the artists that paricipate in the Froggwell Biennale.
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